Color and Scandinavian design come together in the new Swedish designer brand Swedish Ninja

8 June 2024
Color and Scandinavian design come together in the new Swedish designer brand Swedish Ninja
With its eternally inventive approach to Scandinavian interior design and an obvious penchant for bright and striking colors rarely seen in modern design, Swedish Ninja has burst onto the Scandinavian design scene. The story began in 2010, when Swedish designer Maria Gustavsson was still working as a freelance designer of furniture and interior items for other companies. In 2016, the company started marketing its own products. Today, Swedish Ninja is distributed to the rest of Europe, Australia and the US as well as to a wide range of international online retailers.

Originality, authenticity and honoring local design craftsmanship are at the core of all Swedish Ninja designs. The brand also strives to reduce their carbon footprint, which is reflected in their use of quality materials to extend the lifespan of all their designs, and their local production in Småland, Sweden - an area known for its skilled cabinet making and for being home to both Pippi Longstocking and the founder of Swedish Ninja, Maria Gustavsson. Inspired by Astrid Lindgren's famous children's book character, the epitome of the independent and resourceful woman, Maria Gustavsson founded her own design company, of which she is the CEO and sole owner to this day.

The hallmark of Swedish Ninja is their successful union of the simplicity and rigor that characterizes Scandinavian design with Gustavsson's joy of color that shines out of every product designed by Swedish Ninja. All their creations also come in a wide range of colors, so you don't have to compromise on your favorite color scheme when you order a product from the Swedish design company.

Swedish Ninja is already behind a large number of beautiful lamp collections, which you can find right here.

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