A friend in need – The award-winning Buddy from Northern in a new black shade

20 August 2021
A friend in need – The award-winning Buddy from Northern in a new black shade
The Buddy lamp was originally named after the smart little built-in container that served as the base for the table lamp. It made the lamp a helpful friend in people’s daily lives, as it was always prepared to store keys, pens, and spare change. The lovely and functional design is back in a trendy black that gives the wonderful minimalist design a stylish touch that makes the otherwise discreet Nordic shape stand out. This confidence is well-earned—in 2015, Buddy beat 130 other products to receive the Northern Student Design Award thanks to its unique ability to make the home safe and inviting.

Its soft curves and discreet silhouette makes it remarkably simple to find a spot for Buddy in any modern home that gravitates towards the Nordic style. In the words of the designer, Mads Sætter-Larsen: ”Buddy is always there when you need it – without being in the way.” Buddy is available as a wall, table, and floor lamp, so whether you want to bathe your bedroom, reading nook, or desk in a reliable and comfortable light, Buddy does the trick. The Norwegian brand Northern is committed to creating relaxed and luxurious interior design solutions, where creative shapes inspire and destress with their gorgeous light and functional shapes.

The adjustable lamp head makes it easy to adjust the light, so it can provide a clear and reliable light for the office as well as a mild, indirect glow for a Saturday evening with friends. The floor and wall lamps are also equipped with a built-in dimmer feature, allowing you to adjust the brightness in the room. If you’re looking for a stylish lamp in a stunning shade that adds a decisive Scandinavian touch to the modern home, Buddy is here to save the day.

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