Bring innovation and sustainability to lighting with the Flying Pendant from Made By Hand

10 April 2024
Bring innovation and sustainability to lighting with the Flying Pendant from Made By Hand
If you love creative and innovative design that oozes personality and character, the new pendant series Flying Pendant is for you! The soft, organic arcs that characterize the lamp's design language and floating appearance make it easy to see where the lamp gets its name from. With a 3D-knitted lampshade made with minimal waste of materials and a construction that allows the lamp to be disassembled and its component materials recycled, Flying Pendel stands out as a series where sustainability is considered in every part of the process.

A work of art by a true master of design

The series was designed in 2023 by Boris Berlin, who has left a decisive mark on Danish design with his sure hand and curiosity, making him one of the most innovative Danish interior designers of our time. In 1983 he established Boris Berlin Design, and in 1987 he started Komplot Design with Poul Christiansen. Together they shaped the Scandinavian design scene for 20 years. In 2010, Boris Berlin joined forces with Aleksej Iskos in the company Iskos-Berlin, and in 2017 he is back as a soloist in Boris Berlin Design. Boris Berlin sees design as a link in the tension between art and engineering, producer and user, between different cultures, tradition and innovation, rationality and intuition. Like a tightrope walker who needs a very taut line to keep his balance, the tension between these polar opposites is the condition for successful design.

This delicate balance is clearly reflected in the Flying Pendant, where every millimeter of the beautiful design is carefully measured and tuned to match the rest. The lamp comes in three different sizes, each in four beautiful colors.

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