Meet the colorful and creative designs with Seletti's new table lamp 'Life in plastic' - it's fantastic!

10 January 2024
Meet the colorful and creative designs with Seletti's new table lamp 'Life in plastic' - it's fantastic!
With the new movie about the world-famous blonde, one of the most recognizable symbols of the 20th century, the beautiful table lamp Life in plastic, which you can find right here, couldn't have made its debut at a better time. The lamp presents itself as an oasis of irony inspired by the iconic Barbie doll that has taken the world by storm since the first model saw the light of day back in the late 1950s.

Art Nouveau meets pop culture

With its neat little figurines, the Life in plastic Table lamp draws clear lines back to the detailed Art Nouveau style that was prevalent at the beginning of the last century and is still highly recognizable today. The design concept of the lamp is completed with a richly ornamented lamp base in an intricate and undulating leaf motif, a bell-shaped textile shade with lace, fringes and imitation moulding and, last but not least, the richly decorated figurine frame, which in this beautiful reinterpretation has been expanded to form an entire ensemble. When you turn on the lamp, the light shines both through the textile in a soft glow and through the light outlet at the bottom of the shade, highlighting the entire scene beautifully.

Well-executed design that lives up to Seletti's creative line

The multi-coloured design and the wonderful attention to detail that characterizes every millimetre of the table lamp is a hallmark of both the designer Marcantonio and the Italian manufacturer of designer lamps, Seletti, which you can find out more about here. Marcantonio and Seletti have a multi-year collaboration to create unique, highly recognizable lamps that rethink the concept of lighting and use the lamp as a medium to create living art.

Seletti specializes in table lamps with a creative touch. Explore the large selection of table lamps from Seletti here!