Take your lighting to new heights with the Puff pendant light from Tom Dixon

24 July 2023
Take your lighting to new heights with the Puff pendant light from Tom Dixon
If you're looking for a lamp model out of the ordinary, the beautiful Puff pendant light series from Tom Dixon is sure to excite you. The lamp shade is a complex and ingeniously designed construction made up of 30 metal panels, all in a beautiful rhombus shape that gives them a jewel-like appearance. Each panel is composed of a myriad of smaller pieces in a matching shape, demonstrating a well-thought-out piece of design art on a whole new level. The small metal rhombuses are placed together in a way that makes the panels curve upwards, creating the illusion that the entire lampshade is inflated.

Fascinating play of light with a striking effect

The beautiful pendant variants from the Puff series, which includes both a shiny silver and a brass-golden color variant, not only impress with their beautiful exterior that makes them a true piece of design art in the interior: they also manage to create a magical play of light in the room. Because the panels are perforated, the light shines through thousands of tiny holes when you turn on the lamp, resulting in a glittering display of patterned light that highlights and magnifies the beautiful design. At the same time, the light reflects off the many uniform pieces of metal, creating a glittering spectacle with a stunning pattern of light and shadow all around the lamp with an almost disco ball-like effect. The sophisticated design makes the Puff Pendant the perfect lamp for those who want not only lighting but also design art and interesting interiors to beautify their home and take their decor to new heights. The pendant is also ideal in commercial settings where you want a glamorous and bubbly atmosphere with a strong hint of exclusivity.

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