Vita Copenhagen becomes UMAGE

15 August 2018
Vita Copenhagen becomes UMAGE

The brand behind the well-known feather lamp EOS is changing its name. The company used to be know as VITA Copenhagen - but is turning into UMAGE. In Danish, ‘umage’ means ‘effort’ in the sense of making an effort to do your best, and the brand chose the name because of their longstanding passion for interiors.

The mission is to make a difference in the world, and when that’s your goal you have to put the effort in. Every day, UMAGE tries to make both furniture and lighting that makes a difference. UMAGE’s harmonic, Scandinavian-inspired lamps have already had an impact around the world. The beautiful, gently floating EOS lamp is a massive hit in homes across Northern Europe.

Follow UMAGEs exciting new journey through the universe of lighting and interiors here at Lampemesteren. For the time being we’ll be using both the brand’s old and new names. For the next three months you’ll find these gorgeous lamps under Vita Copenhagen – after that everything will change over to UMAGE.

You’ll find even more about UMAGE  here.